Hey ya'll!

This is me, the girl behind the camera :-)

Pride myself on being a simple gal... bottomless fries or an iced coffee with salted cream foam make me happiest. 

I've officially become "that photographer who loves dogs" LOL.  I'm beyond obsessed with my pup Benji and I always encourage my clients to bring their fur fam if they're as dog-crazy as I am!  

All about those warm, boho, moody, grainy, real vibes when it comes to my work.

Burn through candles like nobody's business. 

Passion drives EVERYTHING for me. I am THAT person blasting motivational podcasts in my car at all times. 

John Mayer and Norah Jones are my faves. 

Humor is my go-to daily. The good, the bad, the ugly... it's all just a little better with some humor (so if you shoot with me get ready to laugh at yourself or me LOL)

Thanks for being here, hope I get to meet ya!

Xoxo Steph

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