Hi friends!

This is me, the girl behind the camera!

Born and raised in Southern California (which means I say "like" WAY too much and 60 degree weather is FUN because I get to wear my "winter" clothes)

Pride myself on being a simple gal... bottomless fries and iced coffee with salted cream foam make me happiest. (maybe not that combo together, but ya know what I mean)

Show me a picture of your dog and I instantly love you... bring your dog to our session and we are best friends forever. I LOVE THEM. Wish I could adopt a million dogs, but until then I'll continue loving on my little cattle dog Benji. 

I'm a Pisces... if you're not into astrology it basically means I am an introverted extrovert. Can anyone else relate?!

Passion drives EVERYTHING for me. I am the person blasting motivational podcasts in my car and running around trying to motivate other people to chase their dreams! 

John Mayer and Norah Jones are my faves. 

Humor is my go-to daily. The good, the bad, the ugly... it's all just a little better with some humor (so if you shoot with me get ready to laugh at yourself or me LOL)

If I could have one wish I would wish to have a private chef because I am always hungry but never in the mood to cook... WHY... WHYYYYY!?!

Did I mention dogs yet? ;) 

Few random little things about me until we meet in person!

Xoxo Steph

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