Hey ya'll!

This is me, the girl behind the camera :-)

My approach with my photography is staying authentic to what inspires me and meshing that with my clients personalities. Warm tones, free-spirited energy, grainy texture, timeless vibes... all the things that you can expect in your photos. 

My biggest goal as an artist is to keep the moment as natural as possible. Editing in a style to compliment and build upon the beauty, not alter or strip what actually was in the moments of your session. 

I've officially become "that photographer who loves dogs" and always encourage my clients to bring their fur fam if they're as dog-crazy as I am. You won't regret it, that I can promise you. 

Humor is my go-to daily and definitely has great influence in connecting with my clients. The good, the bad, the ugly... it's all just a little better with some humor (so if you shoot with me get ready to laugh at yourself or me LOL)

Thanks for being here, hope I get to meet ya!

Xoxo Steph

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