Outfits can be pretty overwhelming when it comes to a photoshoot… not to add any pressure to that but they really can make or break a session! But have no fear, I am here to tell you some pro tips to help you rock your session!

DISCLAIMER: Before reading this, remember that you ultimately know yourself best. You know what colors, styles of clothing, and fits of clothing look best on you. ALWAYS remember that when choosing your outfit.

DO choose a color palette of a few shades. (I always suggest staying away from wearing all black if you're doing group photos. On camera when all standing together it can tend to look like one blob and then floating heads LOL!)

DON’T wear matching jeans/shirts. This creates a uniform look, we are going for that naturally candid vibe!

DO feel free to throw in a pattern. A nice flannel or a pretty floral pattern (on male or female) always add a nice pop of detail!

DON’T wear anything with small stripes or very busy patterns, these can appear distorted on camera.

DO dress for the occasion! I always say it, you can NEVER BE OVERDRESSED! (But don’t overthink it, dressing nice doesn’t mean over the top. Sometimes blank tees look cleaner than anything else!) Be sure you are equally as formal as who you are shooting with if you are doing a couple or family session.

DON’T wear anything with writing or graphics on it (guys haha!)

DO accessorize. Throw in a beautiful necklace, a hat, a belt, a scarf, you name it! I always suggest only choosing one accessory, sometimes more than that looks busy and can take attention away from you.

DON’T force yourself to wear something that you know you'll hate looking back on it, I have done that! Big mistake. 

DO feel comfortable. You want to be able to move and feel like yourself in what you’re wearing. Don’t force anything that doesn’t make you feel amazing, it will show in your pictures and you’ll look back wishing you wouldn’t have done that!

DON’T wear neon/highlighter tones.

DO look for inspiration. I always suggest looking on Pinterest for ideas. Type in key words that you want incorporated into your shoot and it will do all the thinking for you!

I think this covers the most important tips, but if I missed something or you have questions don’t be shy! I am here for ya’ll and want to help you in any way I can to make sure that you’re beyond obsessed with your photos FOREVER! 

A fun, but simple pattern on her dress with a jean jacket + his classic neutral tones. Perfect combo for couples. 

Jeans, comfy neutral top, and the perfect necklace + hat combo! Boho chic on point! Hats are always a great accessory for that extra oomph!  

Fancy and killing' it!!! Her formal white dress matched by his laid back white button up + khaki pants. 

Color palette perfection! Mixed pattern + simple solids to balance it out.  

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